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Palmdoc are committed to providing the best possible healthcare, offering advice and information which supports prevention rather than cure. We bring new technologies to market that are both affordable to the NHS and beneficial to the patients. The NHS currently spends £1.5 million an hour or 10% of its NHS budget on diabetic care and research. On average, people with type 2 diabetes cost the NHS over twice as non-diabetics. Meanwhile, Type 1 patients require 6 times more hospital care per year. Therefore, it is essential that consumables deliver the best value for money without compromising quality or accuracy. Palmdoc surveyed doctors and nurses in the UK for their opinions and feedback. Once information was collated, we began the process of designing, prototyping, testing and accreditation and the Palmdoc blood glucose meters were born.

Palmdoc 2

Palmdoc 1

The Palmdoc blood glucose meters can be used for all type 1 & type 2, non-complex patients. Test strips are competitively priced at £5.90 and come as 2 pots of 25 strips, increasing the shelf life up to a year, thus providing a significant cost saving.The Palmdoc 2 meter has an additional speaking function, which can be activated if a patient requires the voice on, and is available in the following languages: EnglishBengali, UrduPolish and Arabic.  
We pride ourselves on our customer service and offer continued support to practices who use our meter. We encourage nurses to hand out our business cards to patients so that they can contact us directly with any queries they have or consumables they may need. We also support other healthcare professionals such as pharmacies, hospitals and DSN’s within the community, and make it our priority to do so. This is to ensure that when switchovers take place, everyone involved is aware of the change and can contact us, should they need any further help. 
With budgets stretched during this difficult time, we at Palmdoc are doing everything we can to keep costs down and therefore, our blood glucose monitors are supplied free of charge and can be posted directly to patients if required.
Benefits & key points of our Palmdoc blood glucose monitors:
  • 2 available meters that use the same testing strip priced at £5.90
  • Optional multilingual speaking meter function available on the Palmdoc 2 meter in English Bengali Polish Urdu and Arabic to encourage, motivate and inform patients
  • Your guide to pre-diabetes” leaflets, available in the above languages
  • Living with Diabetes” leaflets, available in the above languages
  • Lancets competitively priced at £2.85 for 100
  • Customer care line open from 8am-7pm Monday to Sunday
  • Patient support service
  • Educational sessions to switch patients which is fully funded and facilitated by Palmdoc
  • Adherence to the ISO15197:2015 Standard

Test Strips

Palmdoc test strips have been designed to make the testing process easy.

  • Easy to handle test strips
  • Available in packs of 2 x 25 test strips
  • Small blood sample required

Compatible with both Palmdoc devices


Palmdoc Lancets are designed for comfort and ease of use.

  • 100 lancets
  • Virtually pain free
  • Easy to load in lancing device

Working Together

  • Practices within the CCG will receive sample meters. Additional meters or language meters are available on request. (English, Bengali, Polish, Urdu or Arabic)
  • Meet the Palmdoc Diabetes Device Specialists to familiarise yourselves with the meters and language function. 
  • Identify patients and discuss process.
  • Letters are sent to patients advising them of the changes.
  • The streamlined process to be fully funded and facilitated by Palmdoc Diabetes Device Specialist.

Educational Support

  • Patients are invited to educational sessions, held either at the surgery or online. 
  • Palmdoc Diabetes Device Specialists to facilitate, demonstration and explain the switch process to patients. 
  • Patients will be asked to continue with their current strips, until they run out. 
  • Patients will be given meter, support materials in their chosen language and helpline details, to alleviate nurses time. 
  • Palmdoc Diabetes Device Managers to handle administration process with handover to nurses and staff.

After Care

  • After receiving their meters, patients will be register their device on the Palmdoc website.
  • Patients will have access to help, advice and support groups, on-line and within the community.
  • Literature will be available in their chosen language & posted directly to the patient. Lancing pens, batteries, control solution, data cables are posted 1st class, directly to the patient.
  • The helpline will be available to the patients for any issues (0800 994 9995).

Meet Our Team

Helen Smithson

National Account Manager

Kelly Turnock

Diabetic Device Specialist

Rina Mistry

Diabetic Device Specialist


Trusted by Nurses and GP's all round UK.

“Palmdoc was introduced into our surgery 18 months ago. I have had incredible support from the company throughout this time. My colleagues have all been shown how to use the monitor and like the uniformity. My patients like the monitor because it is easy to use. They also like the accompanying diary and information on diabetes that comes with monitor.”
Jenny Whalley -
Bermuda Marlowe Partnership
"Palmdoc is so easy to use, which makes a lot of a difference when teaching patients how to use them. It’s great that it comes in different languages, plus the patient information leaflet is so informative."
Kim Mallinder -
Barking & Dagenham
“I met Rina by chance while searchimg for a practical Blood Glocose monitor for a patient of mine that is elderly and partially sited. She had been using her old machine for a few years but was struggling to see her readings to be able to safely administer her insulin. Rina guided me to the Palmdoc monitor which is a talking meter. My patient was over the moon.... we did have a few issues with the strips and our local pharmacy but Rina was straight in the case and issues the patient more srips and spoke direct to the pharmacy to ensure they were providing the correct strips..... I must say the service has been 1st class..... Many thanks Rina”
Alison Fenner -
Mayflower Surgery